Window Well Cover Products

Lustercraft Plastics globe based in Wichita, KS has patents and uses triple-wall polycarbonate:
egress window well

Dilworth globe makes their window well covers out of Plexigas
window well picture

Basement Flood Protectors globe are based in Chicago but they have a variety of products including translucent window well covers.
window well alternate

Polyguard globe makes window well covers out of Lexan
lexan cover

Window Well Covers globe - these covers admit light and also support beefy men and sleeping children as shown in the photo. 

window well

MarFlex globe supplies a range of basement and waterproofing products including window well covers:
window well from MarFlex

Quickstrong globe based in Illinois, makes window well covers from metal mesh:
mesh cover

Anderson Window Well Covers globe make various versions.
anderson well cover

Boman Kemp globespecializes in basement windows. They have products including a combination of a safety grate made of metal and a cover made of polycarbonate. 

WindowWell Expressions globe in Murray, Utah, make "decor" inserts to make the window well look more attractive.

Composite Plastic Materials

Struttura image

Struttura link - is a structural material that can be used in flooring, made of composite plastic, comes from 3-Form who is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Fiberglass Grating

FRP: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
FRP gratings are available from a variety of suppliers in different colors and configurations.  It is more lightweight than metal gratings. 

grating molt
Fibergrate globe is a company that supplies a variety of gratings, using various composite materials, such as the material shown above. 

EcoGrate - pdf icon brochure about their fiberglass gratings (div of Fibergrate).  EcoGrate is shown above with parked bicycle. 

SeaSafe Catalog  pdf supplier of composite gratings.

McNicols Rectangular
McNichols globe- they offer various flooring products made of both perforated METAL and molded FIBERGLASS panels (shown above). 

Brown-Campbell globe- have variety of metal and fiberglass grating products in their catalog. 

American Grating globe- Gridwalk - based in Los Angeles, they make various types of fiberglass gratings.


aluminum plank

Ohio Gratings globe -- makes aluminum and other types of gratings.



Trex globe decking material made of wood sawdust and plastics.  Durable, heavy and opaque. 

Rubber Mats

Rubber Mats

RubberCal globe  they offer many kinds of rubber mats.  Could be used under the refrigerator or in an exercise area. 

Light Well - Research on Materials

Summary:  New materials such as multi-layer laminated glass panels can be used indoors and outside.  Older materials include glass block pavers  and plastics such as lexan and Plexiglas.  The material below is about laminated glass, some other possibilities are shown in the column at right.

Laminated Glass Panels:

Redding Sundial Bridge globe- uses laminated glass panels outdoors.  Follow the link to info on their bridge.  According to their description: "The 2,240 nonskid translucent glass panels that form the surface of the bridge were made in Quebec.  Beneath are 210 lights, one-third facing downstream, one-third facing upstream, the rest facing up. A factory in Vancouver, Wash., prefabricated the steel."  The glass weighs approximately 158 tons, 316,000 lbs total or approx 141 lbs per panel.

The glass panels were fabricated by Oldcastle Glass globe in Fremont, CA and Prelco Inc. in Quebec, Canada (can't find website for Prelco).  Here is an article pdf icon about how the glass panels were designed; the article comes from Solutia/Vanceva, the company who supplied the "interlayer" that goes between the layers of glass.   Solutia competes with DuPont in this area, see below for info from DuPont.

  sundial image

apple storeApple Stores in San Francisco, SoHo and elsewhere are using a glass laminate material.  According to online reports this is: "2 inch thick Dupont SentryGlass globe a three-layer laminated glass product highly polished on the edges to make it look like a single piece of glass. This is what they typically use for bulletproof/bombproof windows, but it is now being used as structural material."  DuPont has material on their page (see link above) showing applications.  DuPont makes the laminate material, other fabricators do the laminating. 

DuPont-Apple article - pdf discusses Apple installation using SentryGlass.
DuPont-Bridge article - pdf icon about Australian bridge, outdoors, like Sundial.
DuPont-NBC store - pdf icon NBC retail store uses laminated glass pavers.
DuPont-Italian Pavers - pdf Church uses glass paving stones for visibility.
DuPont - Glass Magazine pdf article from DuPont manager in Glass magazine.

DuPont - Fougeron - pdf from 2000, mentions Bay Area project resources. 

Anne Fougeron Architect globe - SF based architect, mentioned in article above.

TempGlass Western of Fremont
((510) 651-2292) is mentioned in Fougeron article and others, for SF-Bay Area fabrication projects.  For example in this article about the a  Yuerba Buena project.pdf icon

Glass Block Pavers

GlassWalk Floor Systems globe from IBP are designed for flooring applications and include two categories: glass pavers (as shown below) and laminated glass panels (like those used in Apple and Sundial applications as shown above).  IBP is based in Fort Worth, TX and is a part of Acme Brick a Berkshire-Hathaway company (i.e. Warren Buffet).  Below is a picture of the Spokane Valley Mall in Spokane, WA.  Follow the link to the IBP web page with information about various types of glass flooring.
glass block flooring

Flooring Article (1998) pdf - perhaps dated (8+ years old), but this article talks about the IBP glass block system in use at the Spokane Valley Mall.   The article mentions that the system works with glass block from Solaris, Weck and Pittsburgh Corning.  However
at their web site Pittsburgh Corning globeindicates that their glass block is non-load bearing.

Solaris is a German company, one distributor is North America Glass globe

Weck is a German manufacturer of glass block, distibuted by
Glass Block Products globe with a warehouse in San Leandro.   Does not seem to discuss flooring applications.

Bob Vila Article pdf  about glass block flooring, from 2001, emphasizes how heavy the panels are. 

Circle Redmont globe supplier of glass blocks, based in Florida, they produce pre-fabricated panels of blocks. 

Vetroarredo globe an Italian company, with US subsidiary in Pennyslvania, they  make glass floor pavers as shown below.


Technical Glass Products globe "TGP" is based in Kirkland, Washington and has a variety of interesting products, including Pilkington ProfileIT and some Decorative Glass, including Glass Ore and Aqua Glass (below). 

Nathan Allan Glass Studios globeBased in British Columbia, they make many products for architectural glass, including glass stair treads and glass landings for a mall.  Generally looks to be a custom manufacturer.

UltraGlass globe is based in Southern California (Chatsworth) and works in glass for architectural applications.  Mentions glass floor tile (laid over subfloor) and can do laminated glass too.  Custom manufacturer?  

Artwork in Architectural Glass. globe This site has a clip from a TV show, showing a glass floor in an indoor setting.  They offer glass stair treads and some glass flooring (show Indian Casino project).  They are based in Georgia and have branch in Newport Beach. 

Other Resources: globe An online discussion forum for glass professionals, has some Q&A discussions about laminated glass engineering standards. 

Glazeguard globe a UK based company that makes various forms of glass flooring products for distribution in the UK.  Too far to be practical, but provides background information about possibilities. 

Roger Wilde globe a UK company that specializes in glass flooring.


Polyvinyl butyral
(or PVB) is a resin usually used for applications that require strong binding, optical clarity, adhesion to many surfaces, toughness and flexibility. It is prepared from polyvinyl alcohol by reaction with butanal. The major application is laminated safety glass for automobile windshields. Tradenames for PVB-films are: BUTACITE, SAFLEX, S-Lec, TROSIFOL

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